Creatively Solving Problems

STEAM at St Anthony’s Primary School is an integrated unit of study covering the subject areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. Lessons are science based and challenge students to use other curriculum areas to solve tasks both individually and in groups.


STEAM lessons challenge students to think creatively, using the cyclical design process to not only solve problems, but improve upon their solutions.  


This process involves:

  • Finding Out - Learning all you can about the topic or the issue

  • Imagine - Brainstorming, discussing and developing your ideas

  • Plan - Drawing your idea, including lots of information

  • Create - Building your design

  • Evaluate - Checking that your design works and deciding on how it could be improved.


STEAM lessons give students the opportunity to put technologies (both digital and non-digital) to work in ‘real world’ situations.  It encourages cooperation, innovation, perseverance and purposeful thinking.



Viva Italia!

Italian at St Anthony’s Primary School is taught from Prep to Year 6.


The program encourages enjoyment of learning another language through a variety of activities and teaches skills used in all areas of the curriculum.


Lessons are taught weekly and listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are developed through stories, games, songs, role plays, vocabulary tasks and use of technology.

Students begin by imitating words and phrases and responding to familiar games, routines and questions. 


Years 3-6 participate in the Education Perfect Languages World Championships each year. The Dante Alighieri Society Junior Poster competition is open to Years 1-6.


Every second year students participate in a Specialist’ Night where they display some of the skills they have been learning.

Italian Pointing.jpg


Everyone’s a star!

Performing Arts at St Anthony’s Primary School is taught from Prep through to Year 6, incorporating all aspects of dance, drama and music.

The program consists of units that focus on Performing Arts as a means of expression and communication, beginning with fundamental skills such as clear speech, movement in space and call and response, moving through to script writing, choreography, theory study and performance creation.


We focus on the importance of participation and ensure everyone gets their moment in the spotlight!



The St Anthony’s Primary School Choir aims to provide students from Years 3-6 an opportunity to learn singing and choral skills as part of a musical ensemble. The choir is provided with many opportunities to perform, such as at school masses, showcase performances, and even the occasional community performance at local kindergartens and on nearby Station Street!


School Concert

St Anthony’s Primary School hosts a biannual concert that provides the opportunity for every student to be a star on the big stage! 

Performing Arts.jpg


Get Creative!

Visual Arts at St Anthony’s Primary School is taught weekly from Prep to Year 6.  


Every student’s art is a means of communication and the message it delivers is totally individual. There must be a sense of freedom to explore, discover, develop and refine skills. At St Anthony’s we aim to build confidence so that visual art can be seen as enjoyable and a means of self-expression.

Course Content

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Construction

  • Collage

  • Threads and Textiles

  • Printing

  • Ceramics

  • Art Appreciation.


At St Anthony’s Primary School Alphington, we submit artwork for an annual Creative Arts Exhibition held by Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools. Works which are selected by a panel, are displayed at the Catholic Leadership Centre during Catholic Education Week.

We have a biannual Specialist evening in which all students contribute at least 3 works of Art both 2D and 3D. They also participate in a class installation and the painting of a class canvas which is auctioned off on the night. The proceeds of the auction go towards the Visual Art Program.



High Level Sports Coaching & Sports Development

At St Anthony’s Primary School, we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for all our students. Students are involved in weekly Physical Education lessons focused on developing their motor skills through a variety of sports. Our year 3-6 students are involved in the Ivanhoe District Sports Competition which involves such sports as AFL, netball, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, volleyball and softball. 


As part of our House Sports program students are also involved in our house swimming, cross country and athletics days across the year. These events also lead on to the school competing in the District Cross Country, Athletics and Swimming competitions.

Netball edited pic.jpg



Girl’s Hockey - 2nd at State Championships 


Girl’s Athletics - District Champion


Girl’s Cross Country - District 3rd Place


Girls Volleyball - District Champions & 

3rd Place at Regional Championships


Girl’s Tee-Ball - District Runners Up 


Girls Swimming  - District Runners Up 


Boys Cricket - District Champions 


Boys Cross Country - District Runners Up 


Boys Hockey - District Runners Up


Girl’s Hockey - District Runners Up 


Girl’s Tee Ball - 5th at State Championships


Girl’s Basketball - District 3rd Place 


Girl's Athletics - District Champions


Girl’s Cross Country - District Champions 


Boys Cross Country - District Runners Up 


Boys Hockey - District Runners Up 


Boys Athletics - District 3rd Place


Girl’s Hockey - 5th at State Championships

Boys Hockey - State Runners Up & 2nd at State Championships

Girl’s Basketball - District 3rd Place 


Girl’s Cross Country - District Champions 


Boys Cross Country - District Champions


Mixed Netball - District Runners Up


Girl's Softball - District, Division & Regional Champions


Girl's Softball - State Championships


Girl's Athletics - District Champions 


Boys Athletics - District Champions


Boys Volleyball - District Runners Up


Boys Cricket - District Champions


Girl's AFL - District Champions

Girl's Soccer - District Champions


Girls AFL - District 3rd Place 

Boys soccer - District 3rd Place 

Due to COVID restrictions several  events were postponed