Developing Responsible, Independent & Resilient Learners

At St Anthony’s we aim to develop responsible, independent and resilient learners equipped to thrive in a contemporary world. We do this by encouraging students to be active participants in their learning; getting them to demonstrate an understanding of the effect of their actions on themselves and others; and by encouraging connectedness to their peers and school community.


Student Wellbeing Programs:

PATHS (Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies)

In the years Foundation to Year 2 we use the PATHS program to teach social skills. The program aims to develop resilience in our students and help them learn to improve their social and emotional intelligence through explicit teaching. It covers the four main areas of:

  • Emotional Understanding

  • Positive Self-Esteem

  • Relationships

  • Interpersonal Problem-Solving Skills

Berry St Educational Model

In years 3-6 social skills lessons are based on the Berry St Educational Model. The model aims to support the development of student’s physical, psychological, social and emotional capacities. It focuses on the four key elements of:

  • Body – De-escalation, Mindfulness, Self-regulation

  • Stamina - Growth Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Stamina for independent learning.

  • Engagement – Flow, Willingness, Positive Emotions, Cultivate wonder

  • Character – Values, Character strengths, Community strengths, Hope & Gratitude

Buddy Program

At St Anthony’s we have a Buddy Program which aims to help students develop long term and lasting relationships with students across all the grade levels. It pairs younger students with older children to help them develop connections and relationships with students and teachers from different year levels. The buddy classes come together regularly for a host of activities including Maths, puppet plays, school masses, lunch etc.


Extra Curricular Activities

Extra curricular activities are promoted across the school providing alternative lunchtime options each week eg. chess, gardening, coding etc. These encourage students to take on a new skill with new friends or to work on an activity that interests them.


Child Safety

At St Anthony’s the care and safety of our students is a priority. In 2016 we introduced Child Safe Standards in our school which includes a Child Safe Standards Policy, a Reporting Obligations Policy and a Code of Conduct in consultation with our staff and the school board.

School Counsellor

We currently have two Provisional Psychologists from Cairnmillar Institute employed to work with students in partnership with parents of referred children regarding social, emotional or educational concerns.


ACU Speech Program

All our prep students as well as students whose parents or teachers feel they could benefit, are screened for their speech by ACU students. If deemed applicable, they will continue to obtain ongoing speech therapy.


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