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At St Anthony’s we believe that each student has the capacity to learn and reach their maximum potential through being challenged and supported by teachers, parents and peers.


A supportive, challenging and stimulating environment promotes risk-taking with learning, encouraging students to develop as self motivated independent lifelong learners and thinkers. Empowering students through promoting learner autonomy and creativity means students can approach their future with confidence knowing that they are equipped with twenty-first century competencies and skills.


Our aim is to build the learning capacity of students and support their development into lifelong, active, independent learners. We strive to provide all students with the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and academic learning opportunities that they require, taking into account students needs, backgrounds, perspectives and interests.


Inspired by the Mission of Jesus

St Anthony’s Catholic School is inspired by the mission of Jesus and guided by the principles and traditions of Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.

St Anthony’s Catholic School brings faith and learning to life by providing:

  • A Religious Education Program, which develops and deepens students’ knowledge and understanding of the Catholic religion.

  • A faith community experience underpinned by our catholic identity, which encourages rich faith development of all members.


St Anthony’s school motto ‘Never see a need without doing something about it’ is founded on the faith and service of Mary MacKillop. We give life to this motto through the seven qualities; compassion, leadership, service, determination, courage, social justice and community spirit, evident in our words and actions.

We respond to the Gospel values working towards making a our world more safe, fair and just for all. We strive to bring to life the mission of Jesus, to be people of action who proclaim God’s word in our everyday encounters.



At St Anthony’s school we provide:

  • Opportunities for prayer, liturgy and celebration to nurture and strengthen relationships with God.

  • An atmosphere within our school community where Gospel values are lived and experienced through modelling and education.

  • An effective Religious Education Curriculum based on the Religious Education Curriculum Framework, which is founded in the Catholic religion while also acknowledging other faith denominations in our community and beyond.

  • Opportunities to develop and build effective partnerships through dialogue and interaction with the local, parish and global community.


Our class masses, morning prayer and liturgies throughout the year provide all community members with the opportunity to live and express our Catholic faith and traditions.

Our Sacramental program is facilitated Prep to Year 6, with the receiving of Reconciliation at Year 3, First Eucharist at Year 4 and Confirmation at Year 6.

Our Religious Education Curriculum, derived from the Religious Education Curriculum Framework, supports, strengthens and formalises the faith formation nurtured in the home. Our curriculum fosters the full development of learners as spiritual and religious, physical and cognitive, social and emotional beings.


Developing Confident Communicators

The study of English is essential in the learning and development of all students and helps to create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens.

At St Anthony’s school our English program aims to provide the opportunity for all children to develop their capacity and extend their ability in all language modes: listening and speaking, reading and viewing and writing.


We teach listening and speaking:

  • to develop the children’s skills and knowledge that enables them to confidently interact with people

  • to develop the children’s awareness of the correct language to use in varying situations

  • to enable children to express and interpret spoken ideas and information appropriate to the situation


We teach reading and viewing:

  • to develop positive attitudes towards reading, through enjoyable, challenging and satisfying reading experiences

  • to develop fluent readers who integrate effective reading strategies to make meaning

  • to develop independent readers who are able to select materials  appropriate for specific purposes

  • to provide a broad range of texts and a knowledge of the ways textual interpretation and understanding may vary

  • to develop the capacity to discuss and analyse texts critically and develop reasoned arguments about interpretation and meaning


We teach writing:

  • to develop a knowledge of the linguistic patterns and grammatical features used to construct different texts and the capacity to apply this knowledge

  • to communicate for a range of purposes and for a variety  of audiences

  • to develop strategies of drafting, reviewing, editing and publishing


Learning in English occurs best when it is in a collaborative environment that structures modelled, shared, guided and independent work and allows for the supportive and critical mutual sharing of experiences, skills and ideas. This is done using a range of multimodal tools.

The structure of the Literacy sessions are whole- small - whole class focus, to ensure that individual learning needs are catered for. We provide structures, scaffolds and challenging learning contexts so children can experience successful learning.  

Class programs are based on authentic assessment and an evaluation schedule that is implemented throughout the year.


Developing Creative Thinkers, Decision Makers & Problem Solvers

Mathematics creates opportunities for students to explore, reason, understand and analyse a range of situations and problems which are applied to the wider world. At St Anthony’s, mathematical skills are built and continue to develop allowing our children to become active and creative thinkers, decision makers and problem solvers.


We enable all students to achieve success in an environment of high expectations and continuous improvement. At St Anthony’s, we strive to promote a positive attitude towards mathematics, allowing students to develop confidence and appreciation towards the subject.


We believe that students learn to incorporate mathematics best when:

  • They experience success in mathematics regardless of experiences and capabilities.

  • Mathematical learning is as hands on as possible to allow for deeper thinking that can be applied in a range of ways.

  • Open ended, challenging and engaging tasks are presented to work on.

  • A growth mindset is encouraged, allowing students to take risks and challenge their own thinking and that of others.

  • They are supported at all levels of their ability through enabling and extension prompts, intervention groups or extension groups on a needs basis.

  • They receive effective feedback from their teachers and peers which promotes a constructive environment.

  • They connect ideas together for themselves, and determine their own strategies for solving problems, rather than simply following instructions they have been given.



When learning mathematics at St Anthony’s all students are encouraged and will be assisted in:

  • Becoming confident mathematicians who have the skills to access problem solving required for themselves, in their community and as global citizens.

  • Developing curiosity and challenge their thinking across Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry, and Statistics and Probability, through open ended tasks, rich assessment tasks and deep questioning.

  • Developing their understanding and fluency in the four main content strands.

  • Developing a growth mindset towards all aspects of mathematics and becoming self motivated.

  • Becoming risk takers.

  • Working in partnership with their family to support their learning.


Creatively Solving Problems

STEAM at St Anthony’s school is an integrated unit of study covering the subject areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts and maths. Lessons are science based and challenge students to use other curriculum areas to solve tasks both individually and in groups.


STEAM lessons challenge students to think creatively, using the cyclical design process to not only solve problems, but improve upon their solutions.  

This process involves:

  • Finding Out - Learning all you can about the topic or the issue

  • Imagine - Brainstorm, discuss and develop your ideas

  • Plan - Draw your idea, including lots of information

  • Create - Build your design

  • Evaluate - Check that your design works and decide on how it could be improved


STEAM lessons give students the opportunity to put technologies (both digital and non-digital) to work in ‘real world’ situations.  It encourages cooperation, innovation, perseverance and purposeful thinking. At St Anthony’s we strive to provide a ‘Green STEAM’ experience, working predominantly with recycled materials, and focussing on challenges that benefit both people and our environment.


Preparing our Students for the Digital World

In an ever evolving digital world we need problem solvers, critical thinkers and innovative workers, St Anthony’s aims to prepare our students through using a wide range of technology embedded within all curriculum areas.


At St Anthony’s we pride ourselves on being on the forefront of Digital Education. Our weekly Digital Discovery lessons consist of students not only learning about how to use technology but also how technology works. Students are involved in hands on lessons which aim to engage the young learner.


Here are some of the fantastic resources include:

  • iPads - Prep

  • ACER Desktops / Laptops / iPads - Year 1/2

  • 1:1 ACER Laptops - Year 3/4 

  • 1:1 Chromebook Program - Year 5/6 - 3/4

  • Google Classroom - Year 1-6

  • Google Accounts - Prep - 6

  • Hapara Highlights - Year 1 - 6

  • Spheros

  • BeeBots

  • OzoBots

  • OSMO - Coding Awbie, Tangram and Numbers.

  • Makey Makey

  • Digital Discovery set iPads

  • Interactive Whiteboards


As set out in the Victorian Curriculum, our students learn to code starting in Prep. We use online programs such as Scratch, ScratchJr, Tynker, Code.org, Sphero EDU and Code Academy. Students are also able to get interactive by coding with our codable devices; Sphero, BeeBot, OzoBot and OSMO.


High Level Coaching & Sporting Opportunities

At St Anthony’s Primary we offer a wide range of sporting opportunities for our students. Each week our students from Prep to Year Six are involved in two hours of Physical Education. Each year we hold a House Athletics Day at the Collingwood Athletics Track in Clifton Hill. Year 3-6 students participate in the Ivanhoe District Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Championships. The Year 3-6 students are also able to attend our Monday morning Run Club, which is held on school premises. Year 3-6s can also participate in our St. Anthony’s Swim Squad at Northcote Swimming Pool in Term 1 and Term 4.


Our Year 5 & 6 students participate in Inter-school sports such as football, soccer, basketball, netball, softball, hockey and volleyball on Friday’s in Term 2 & 3.



Girl’s Hockey - 5th at State Championships

Boys Hockey - State Runners Up - 2nd at State Championships

Girl’s Basketball - District 3rd Place

Girl’s Cross Country - District Champions

Boys Cross Country - District Champions

Mixed Netball - District Runners Up

Girl's Softball - District, Division and Regional Champions

Girl's Softball - State Championships

Girl's Athletics - District Champions 

Boys Athletics - District Champions

Boys Volleyball - District Runners Up

Boys Cricket - District Champions


Girl’s Hockey - District Runners Up

Girl’s Tee Ball - 5th at State Championships

Girl’s Basketball - District 3rd Place

Girl's Athletics - District Champions

Girl’s Cross Country - District Champions

Boys Cross Country - District Runners Up

Boys Hockey - District Runners Up

Boys Athletics - District 3rd Place


Girl's AFL District Champions

Girl's Soccer District Champions


Girl’s Hockey - 2nd at State Championships

Girl’s Athletics - District Champions

Girl’s Cross Country - District 3rd Place

Girls Volleyball - District Champions / 3rd Place at Regional Championships

Girl’s Tee-Ball - District Runners Up

Girls Swimming  - District Runners Up

Boys Cricket - District Champions

Boys Cross Country - District Runners Up

Boys Hockey - District Runners Up


Diverse Learning Opportunities for Our Students

The school presently offers a variety of diverse learning opportunities as we cover all elements of the Victorian Curriculum. They include visual arts, performing arts and Italian. We have a bi annual artshow and performance concert.


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